Please DO NOT click on "Create New Account".

Active Net is a separate website where you register for classes and events, pay for monthly GEX pass, view what you have scheduled yourself to attend and more.

CLICK HERE or the logo above to go to Active Net

Please note that the Login ID for Active Net is
your email address. 

CLICK HERE to download instructions for logging into Active Net and registering for activities.

Please DO NOT click on "Create New Account".  
Most likely, you already have an account on Active Net, even if you have never logged into it before.
If you can't remember your password or don't remember ever creating a password on Active Net, click on "Forgot Password". 

  • Active Net Instructional Videos
    • Using Active Net

      The videos on this page will take you, step by step, through things you might want to do on the Active Net system.  To play a video, just click on the arrow icon in the middle of the screen for the one you want to play.  When the video starts you can make it full screen on your computer by clicking on the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen as pointed out here:

      Enrolling in Active Net

      Signing Up for Activities and Events on Active Net

      Checking the Account Balance to see how much money you have on deposit.

      How to check what you have scheduled on Active Net

      How to use Active Net to enroll in Lifelong Learning Classes during registration.

  • Active Net Instructional Documents

Using active Net

This program allows residents to schedule themselves to attend events and activities.

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